Brian Hewes & David Shook

Executive Director
C.P. Heiser

Editorial Director
David Shook

Art Director
Jaya Nicely

Deputy Editor
Hannah Jakobsen

Fundraiser & Editor-at-Large
Vince Lechowick

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Los Angeles Arts & Athletics Alliance

Publishers Group West

Sister Publisher
Unnamed Press

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Scott Arany/os Minta
Pablo Marín Coto

Chris Ortega

Advisory Board
K. Anis Ahmed
Ahsan Akbar
Boris Dralyuk
Brian Hewes
Michelle Johnson
André Naffis-Sahely
Marisol Schulz
Víctor Terán
Jeffrey Yang

Founding Members
Joel Arquellos • Fred Beshid • Archie & Linda Dunham • Steven Dunham • James & Maruja Heiser • Bill & Marilyn Lewis • Ashley & Adam Love
Jesse Lee Kercheval • Stacy Scranton • Mark & Laura Shook • Ryan Shook • Mark Haskell Smith • Olivia Taylor Smith • J. Ryan Stradal

Partner Institutions
City of Asylum Pittsburgh • Dhaka Translation Center
Literature Translation Institute of Korea • Icelandic Literature Center

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